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Bilateria (Main hierarchy)
Nephrozoa       Jondelius, Ruiz-Trillo, Baguna, & Riutort, 2002
Platyhelminthes       Minot, 1876
incertae sedis      
Elasmodes       Le Conte, 1851

Elasmodes Le Conte, 1851                     literature fig. iconspp    
acutus (Stimpson, 1855)             (syn)       literature    
discus Le Conte, 1851             (syn)       literature   TYPE
flexilis (Dalyell, 1814)             (syn)       literature dist'n  
gracilis (Girard, 1850)             (syn)       literature    
gracilis (1) (Girard, 1850)             (syn)       literature    
modestus (Quatrefage, 1845)             (syn)       literature    
obtusus Collingwood, 1876   nomen dubium                 literature dist'n  
pallida (Quatrefage, 1845)             (syn)       literature    
tenellus Stimpson, 1857             (syn)       literature    
tigrinus (Blanchard, 1847)             (syn)       literature dist'n