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Bilateria (Main hierarchy)
Nephrozoa       Jondelius, Ruiz-Trillo, Baguna, & Riutort, 2002
Platyhelminthes       Minot, 1876
Rhabditophora       Ehlers, 1985
Trepaxonemata       Ehlers, 1984
Neoophora       Westblad, 1948
Euneoophora       Laumer & Giribet, 2014
Rhabdocoela       Ehrenberg, 1831
Dalytyphloplanida       Willems, Wallberg, Jondelius, Littlewood, Backeljau, Schockaert, Artoi
Neotyphloplanida       Willems et al., 2006
Limnotyphloplanida       Van Steenkiste et al., 2013
Typhloplanidae       Graff, 1905
Typhloplaninae       Luther, 1904
Strongylostoma       Ørsted, 1844

Strongylostoma Ørsted, 1844 (9 subtax.)               notes card avail. literature fig. iconspp    
andicola Schmarda, 1859             (syn)       literature dist'n  
assimile Ørsted, 1844             (syn)       literature    
caecum Sekera, 1912             synonyms     card avail. literature dist'n  
cirratum Beklemischev, 1922                   card avail. literature dist'n  
coerulescens Schmarda, 1859             (syn)       literature dist'n  
devleeschouweri Van Steenkiste, Tessens, Krznaric & Artois, 2011     1 imagesfig. avail.         diagnosis     literature dist'n  
dicorymbum Marcus, 1946     1 imagesfig. avail.             card avail. literature dist'n  
elongatum Hofsten N, 1907 (2 subtax.)   1 imagesfig. avail.             card avail. literature dist'n  
gonocephalum (Silliman, 1884)     1 imagesfig. avail.       synonyms     card avail. literature dist'n  
lanceolatum Sekera, 1912   nomen nudum               card avail. literature    
levandovskii Nasonov, 1924                   card avail. literature    
metopoglenum Schmarda, 1859             (syn)       literature dist'n  
radiata (OF Müller, 1774)     3 imagesfig. avail.       synonyms     card avail. literature dist'n TYPE
rosaceum Higley, 1918   nomen dubium             notes card avail. literature dist'n  
simplex Meixner, 1915 (2 subtax.)                 card avail. literature dist'n