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Bdellocephala bathyalis Timoshkin & Porfireva, 1989

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Primary authority:
Timoshkin OA, Porfirjeva NA1989  
Deep-water planaria--giants from Lake Baikal. In: Fauna of Lake Baikal. Linevich AA, ed. Part 4: Worms, molluscs, and arthropods.Fauna Baikala. Part 4, pp 7-23014454
other taxonomic work:Sluys R, Timoshkin OA, Kawakatsu M1998 abs.
A new species of giant planarian from Lake Baikal, with some remarks on character states in the Dendrocoelidae (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Paludicola).Hydrobiologia 383: 69-75 [revised version published in 2006]563016728
latest authority:Timoshkin OA, Naumova TV, Novikova OA2004  
New species of the genus Bdellocephala De Man, 1875 (Plathelminthes, Turbellaria, Tricladida: Paludicola) from Lake Baikal. In Timoshkin OA (ed), Index of animal species inhabiting Lake Baikal and its catchment area. Vol. 1. [In Russian with EnglishNovosibirsk: Nauka Publ., pp. 1303-1314 [+ 1315-1320 in English]736619888

[Other] literature of synonyms (Bdellocephala angarensis bathyalis )
None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

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