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Waminoa litus

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Winsor L 1990  abstract/note Marine Turbellaria (Acoela) from North Queensland. Mem Queensland Mus 28(2):785-800  
other taxonomic work: Ogunlana MV, Hooge MD, Tekle YI, Benayahu Y, Barneah O, Tyler S 2005  abstract/note Waminoa brickneri n. sp. (Acoela: Acoelomorpha) associated with corals in the Red Sea. Zootaxa 1008: 1–11  
  Hikosaka-Katayama T, Koike K, Yamashita H, Hikosaka A, Koike K 2012    Mechanisms of maternal inheritance of dinoflagellate symbionts in the acoelomorph worm Waminoa litus Zoological Science, 29(9):559-567  

literature of synonyms:
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Trench RK, Winsor H 1987    Symbiosis with dinoflagellates in two pelagic flatworms, Amphiscolops sp. and Haplodiscus sp. Symbiosis 3:1-22  
  Barneah O, Brickner I, Hooge M, Weiss VM, Benayahu Y 2007    First evidence of maternal transmission of algal endosymbionts at an oocyte stage in a triploblastic host, with observations on reproduction in Waminoa brickneri (Acoelomorpha). Invertebrate Biology 126:113-119  



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