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Eulecithophora Revertospermata

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Primary authority: Kornakova EE, Joffe BI 1999    A new variant of the neodermatan-type spermiogenesis in a parasitic 'turbellarian', Notentera ivanovi (Platyhelminthes) and the origin of the Neodermata. Acta Zool (Stockh) 80:135-151  
  Pfistermüller R, Tyler S, Hyra GS 2002  abstract/note Spermatozoa and spermatogenesis in Genostoma kozloffi (Plathelminthes, Rhabdocoela). Zoomorphology 121:149-158  
latest authority: Noren M, Jondelius U 2002    The phylogenetic position of the Prolecithophora (Rhabditophora, 'Platyhelminthes'). Zool Scripta 31:403-414 410-411

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