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Leptoplana angusta (3)

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Pearse AS, Littler JW 1938 index card avail.
Polyclads of Beaufort, N.C. J Elisha Mitchell Sci Soc 54: 235-244  
latest authority: Adams JA 1984    Pattern regulation in autografts of Hydra oligactis: positional values and diffusable morphogens. Biol Bull April 1984:446-451.  

literature of valid taxon (Euplana carolinensis) :
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Hyman LH 1939    Atlantic coast polyclads. Anat. Rec. Philadelphia 75 (Suppl.): 153 (Abstract)  
  Hyman LH 1940 index card avail.
The polyclad flatworms of the Atlantic Coast of the United States and Canada. Proc US National Museum 89: 449-492 472-473, Figs 28 b-d
  Faubel A 1983 index card avail.
The Polycladida, Turbellaria; Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part I. The Acotylea. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst 80:17-121  

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