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Childiidae Philactinoposthia

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Primary authority:Dorjes J1968index card avail.
Die Acoela (Turbellaria) der deutschen Nordseek├╝ste und ein neues System der Ordnung.Z zool Syst Evolutionsforsch 6:56-452.
latest authority:Hooge MD2001 abs. Evolution of body-wall musculature in the Platyhelminthes (Acoelomorpha, Catenulida, Rhabditophora).J Morphol 249:171-194

[Other] literature of valid taxon (Dakuidae Philactinoposthia) : None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

[Other] literature of synonyms: None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

Literature setting new combination:

Jondelius U, Wallberg A, Hooge M, Raikova OI2011   How the worm got its pharynx: phylogeny, classification and Bayesian assessment of character evolution in Acoela.Syst. Biol. 60(6):845-871

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