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Trepaxonemata Neoophora

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Primary authority:Westblad E1948   Studien ueber skandinavische Turbellaria Acoela. V.Ark Zool 41A(7):1-82.67
other taxonomic work:Ehlers U1984   Das phylogenetische System der Plathelminthes.Habilitationsschrift, Universitaet Goettingen.
other taxonomic work:Ehlers U1984   Phylogenetisches System der Plathelminthes.Verh naturwiss Ver Hamburg 27:291-294
Ehlers U1985   Das Phylogenetische System der Plathelminthes.Gustav Fischer, Stuttgart & New York, 317 pp
other taxonomic work:Sopott-Ehlers B, Ehlers U1986   Differentiation of male and female germ cells in neoophoran Plathelminthes. In M. Porchet, J.-C. Andries, and A. Dhainaut (eds): Advances in Invertebrate Reproduction 4.Elsevier, NY, 4:187-194
latest authority:Noren M, Jondelius U2002   The phylogenetic position of the Prolecithophora (Rhabditophora, 'Platyhelminthes').Zool Scripta 31:403-414408

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