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Nephrozoa Platyhelminthes

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Primary authority:
Minot CS1876-1877index card avail.
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latest authority:Hyman LH1951index card avail.
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other taxonomic work:Kawakatsu M1964index card avail.
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other taxonomic work:Baguna J, Riutort M2004  
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[doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0120081
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Steiner JK, Tasaki J, Rouhana L2016 abs.
Germline Defects Caused by Smed-boule RNA-Interference Reveal That Egg Capsule Deposition Occurs Independently of Fertilization, Ovulation, Mating, or the Presence of Gametes in Planarian Flatworms.PLoS Genetics, 12(5): e1006030022673
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Effects of industrial effluent on wetland macroinvertebrate community structures near a wastewater treatment facility.Ecological Indicators, Volume 127(1): 107709023324

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