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Haploposthiidae Waminoa

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Primary authority:Winsor L1990 abs. Marine Turbellaria (Acoela) from North Queensland.Mem Queensland Mus 28(2):785-800
latest authority:Ogunlana MV, Hooge MD, Tekle YI, Benayahu Y, Barneah O, Tyler S2005 abs. Waminoa brickneri n. sp. (Acoela: Acoelomorpha) associated with corals in the Red Sea.Zootaxa 1008: 1–11

[Other] literature of valid taxon (Convolutidae Waminoa) :
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Haapkylä J, Seymour AS, Barneah O, Brickner I, Hennige S, Suggett D, Smith D2009 abs. Association of Waminoa sp. (Acoela) with corals in the Wakatobi Marine Park, South-East Sulawesi, IndonesiaMar Biol (2009) 156:1021–1027
Wijgerde T, Spijkers P, Verreth J, Osinga R2011 abs. Epizoic acoelomorph flatworms compete with their coral host for zooplankton.Coral Reefs Volume: 30 Issue: 3: 665
Cooper C, Clode P, Thomson DP, Stat M2015 abs. A Flatworm from the Genus Waminoa (Acoela: Convolutidae) Associated with Bleached Corals in Western Australia.Zoological Science (Tokyo) Volume:32 Issue:5 Pages:465-473
Kunihiro S, Farenzena Z, Hoeksema BW, Groenenberg DSJ, Hermanto B, Reimer JD2019 abs. Morphological and phylogenetic diversity of Waminoa and similar flatworms (Acoelomorpha) in the western Pacific Ocean.Zoology (Jena), Volume:136 Pages: 125692
Biondi P, Masucci GD, Kunihiro S, Reimer JD2019 abs. The distribution of reef-dwelling Waminoa flatworms in bays and on capes of Okinawa Island.Marine Biodiversity Volume:49 Issue:1: 405-413

[Other] literature of synonyms: None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

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