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Sagittiferidae Sagittiferinae

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Primary authority: Kostenko AG, Mamkaev YuV 1990  abstract/note The position of "green convoluts" in the system of acoel turbellarians (Turbellaria, Acoela). 1. Simsagittifera gen. n. 2. Sagittiferidae fam. n. Zool Zh 69(6):11-21 ; 69(7):5-16  
latest authority: Achatz JG, Gschwentner R, Rieger R 2005  abstract/note Symsagittifera smaragdina sp. nov.: a new acoel (Acoela: Acoelomorpha) from the Mediterranean Sea. Zootaxa 1085: 33-45 42-43

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