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Trigonostomidae Astrotorhynchinae Luther 1948

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Primary authority:
Luther A1948index card avail.
Untersuchungen an rhabdocoelen Turbellarien. VII. Über einige marine Dalyellioida. VIII. Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Typhloplanoida.Acta Zool Fenn 55:1-122.374681

[Other] literature of valid taxon (Promesostomidae Paramesostominae Luther, 1948) :
authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Diez YL, Monnens M, Wuyts A, Brendonck L, Reygel P, Schmidt-Rhaesa A, Artois T2023   Taxonomy and phylogeny of Dalytyphloplanida Willems et al., 2006 (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela), with the description of a new family, a new genus, and sixteen new species from Cuba and PanamaOrganisms Diversity & Evolution :
[doi: 10.1007/s13127-023-00623-w

[Other] literature of synonyms: None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

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