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Rhynchodemus excavatus Graff, 1899

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latest authority:Graff Lvon1899index card avail.
Monographie der Turbellarien. II. Tricladida terricola Vol 1: XII+574 pp.; Vol.2: 58tEngelmann, Leipzig 574 pp29921211

Anisorhynchodemus excavatus

[Other] literature of valid taxon Anisorhynchodemus excavatus (Graff, 1899)

None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

[Other] literature of synonyms (Rhynchodemus excavatus )
None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

Literature setting new combination:

Kawakatsu M, Froehlich EM, Jones HD, Ogren RE, Sasaki GY2003  
Miscellaneous Papers on Turbellarians. II. Additions and corrections of the previous land planarian indices of the world (Turbellaria, Seriata, Tricladida, Terricola) --11.Bull. Fuji Women's University, No. 41, Ser. 2: 89-114. [1-18; http://planarian.net/]732620054

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