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Xenoturbellidae Xenoturbella

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Primary authority: Westblad E 1949    Xenoturbella bocki n.g., n. sp. a peculiar, primitive turbellarian type. Ark Zool 1: 11-29, pls. 1-4.  
  Reisinger E 1960    Was ist Xenoturbella? Z wiss Zool 164:188-198  
  Åkerman M 2004    On the behaviour and ecology of Xenoturbella sp, Master thesis. Göteborgs Universitet: Department of Marine Ecology; 2004.  
  Israelsson O 2007    Ultrastructural aspects of the ‘statocyst’ of Xenoturbella (Deuterostomia) cast doubt on its function as a georeceptor. Tissue Cell, 39: 171–7  
  Israelsson O 2007    Chlamydial symbionts in the enigmatic Xenoturbella (Deuterostomia). J Invertebr Pathol. 96: 213–20.  
  Israelsson O 2008    Xenoturbella (Deuterostomia) probably feeds on dissolved organic matter. Mar Biol Res. 4: 384–91  
  Philippe H, Brinkmann H, Copley RR, Moroz LL, Nakano H, Poustka A, Wallberg A, Peterson KJ, Telford MJ 2011    Acoelomorph flatworms are deuterostomes related to Xenoturbella. Nature 470:255-260.  
  Nakano H 2015  abstract/note What is Xenoturbella? Zoological Letters 20151:22  
  Stach T, Schmidt-Rhaesa A, Harzsch S, Purschke G 2015    Xenoturbella. In: Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems. Oxford University Press, 768 pages  

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