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Temnocephalidae Diceratocephalinae

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Primary authority:
Joffe BI, Cannon LRG, Schockaert ER1998  
On the phylogeny of families and genera within the Temnocephalida.Hydrobiologia 383: 263-2680

[Other] literature of synonyms: None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

Literature setting new combination:

Van Steenkiste NWL, Rivlin N, Kahn P, Wakeman K, Leander BS2021  
Grappleria corona gen. et sp. nov. (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela: Jenseniidae fam. nov.) and an updated molecular phylogeny of 'dalyelliid' and temnocephalid microturbellarians.Systematics and Biodiversity. 1-12
[doi: 10.1080/14772000.2020.1841326

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