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Phaenocora highlandensis

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Primary authority:
Gilbert CM1935index card avail.
A comparative study of three new American species of the genus Phaenocora with special reference to their reproductive organs and their relationships with other described forms of the genus.Acta zoolog 16:283-386010165

[Other] literature of synonyms:
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Gilbert CM1938index card avail.
A new North American Rhabdocoele-Pseudophaenocora sulfophila nov. genus, nov. spec.Zool Anz 124:193-216194, 204, 208, 211010168
Gilbert CM1938   Two new North American Rhabdocoeles - Phaenocora falciodenticulata nov. spec. and Phaenocora kepneri adenticulata nov. subspec.Zool.Anz. 122:208-223213, 215015962
Ruebush TK1939index card avail.
Report on the rhabdocoele Turbellaria collected by the Yale North India Expedition.Zool. Anz. 126:49-67, 6 f.52-534126
Marcus Er1946 abs. Sobre Turbellaria brasileiros.Bol Faculdade Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras; Univ. Sao Paulo Zool. 11:1-254, pl. 1-31 [pp 5-187 text, 31 plates pp 188-254]71, 82, 166605110525
Karling TG1956index card avail.
Morphologisch-histologische Untersuchungen an den männlichen Atrialorganen der Kalyptorhynchia (Turbellaria).Ark Zool (2) 9:187-279.195662535
Young JO, Harris JH1973   Another instance of haemoglobin in a flatworm (Phaenocora typhlops Vejdovsky 1880).Freshw Biol 3:85-888766865616
Houben AM, Van Steenkiste N, Artois TJ2014 abs. Revision of Phaenocora Ehrenberg, 1836 (Rhabditophora, Typhloplanidae, Phaenocorinae) with the description of two new speciesZootaxa 3889 (3): 301-354339022474

Literature setting new combination:

Artois T In: Tyler S, Artois T, Schilling S, Hooge M, Bush LF (comp)2006-2021  
World List of Turbellarian Worms: Acoelomorpha, Catenulida, Rhabditophora.http://www.marinespecies.org/turbellarians/aphia.php023279

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