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Prosthiostomidae Enchiridium

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Primary authority: Bock S 1913 index card avail.
Studien ueber Polycladen. Zool. Bidr. Uppsala 2:31-344  
latest authority: Faubel A 1984    The Polycladida, Turbellaria; Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part II. The Cotylea. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst 81: 189-259  
  Aguado MT, Grande C, Gerth M, Bleidorn C, NoreƱa C 2015  abstract/note Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genomes from Polycladida (Platyhelminthes) using next-generation sequencing Gene (Amsterdam), Volume:575 Issue:2 1 : 199-205  

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