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Stenostomum bryophilum

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Primary authority: Luther A 1960 index card avail.
Die Turbellarien Ostfennoskandiens I. Acoela, Catenulida, Macrostomida, Lecithoepitheliata, Prolecithophora, und Proseriata. Fauna Fennica 7:1-155 43-45, Abb. 6 G-L, 9 A-E, ?K-L
latest authority: Kolasa J, Young J 1974    Studies on the genus Stenostomum O. Schmidt (Turbellaria Catenulida) I. The status of S. anatriostum Marcus 1945, and S. bryophilum Luther 1960. Freshwater Biol 4 149-156  
  Larsson K, Willems W 2010    Report on freshwater Catenulida (Platyhelminthes) from Sweden with the description of four new species Zootaxa 2396: 1-18 13-14

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