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Stenostomum gilvum

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Primary authority: Bohmig L 1897  abstract/note Die Turbellarien Ost-Afrikas. In: Deutsch-Ost-Afrika, Band 4 (Die Thierwelt Ost-Afrikas und der Nachbargebiete, Wirbellose Thiere), edited by K. Möbius. Deutsch Ost Afrika Berlin 4(14):3-15, 1 plate. Berlin. [1898] 7
other taxonomic work: Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1938 index card avail.
The American species of the genus Stenostomum. Proc Am Philos Soc, 79: 213-300  
other taxonomic work: Marcus Er 1955    Turbellaria. In: Hanström-Brinck-Rudebeck, South African Animal Life, Volume I Results Lund Univ Exxp 1950-1951 Vol I, Number 3, t. 1-12, pages 101-151. Stockholm.  
latest authority: Young JO 1976  abstract/note The freshwater Turbellaria of the African continent. Zool. Anz., Jena 197: 419-432 425-426

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