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Retronectidae Paracatenula

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Primary authority: Sterrer W, Rieger RM 1974    Retronectidae--a new cosmopolitan marine family of Catenulida (Turbellaria). In: Riser NW, Morse MP (eds) Biology of the Turbellaria. McGraw-Hill, New York: 63-92.  
  Gruber-Vodicka HR, Dirks U, Leisch N, Baranyi C, Stoecker K, Bulgheresi S, Heindl NR, Horn M, Lott C, Loy A, Wagner M, Ott J 2011  abstract/note Paracatenula, an ancient symbiosis between thiotrophic Alphaproteobacteria and catenulid flatworms PNAS July 19, 2011 vol. 108 no. 29 12078-12083; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1105347108  

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