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Bradynectes sterreri

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Rieger RM 1971 index card avail.
Bradynectes sterreri gen. nov., spec. nov., eine neue psammobionte Macrostomide (Turbellaria). Zool Jb Syst 98:205-235.  
other taxonomic work: Faubel A 1974 index card avail.
Macrostomida (Turbellaria) von einem Sandstrand der Nordseeinsel Sylt. Mikrofauna Meeresboden 45:1-32 [339-370] 353-356, fig. 6
other taxonomic work: Tyler S 1976 index card avail.
Comparative ultrastructure of adhesive systems in the Turbellaria. Zoomorphologie 84:1-76.  
latest authority: Martens PM, Schockaert ER 1981 index card avail.
Sand dwelling Turbellaria from the Netherlands Delta area. Hydrobiologia 84: 113-127. 115-116, Figs. 1-2, 24

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