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Myozona stylifera

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Primary authority: Ax P 1956 index card avail.
Studien ├╝ber psammobionte Turbellaria Macrostomida. IV. Myozona stylifera nov. spec. Zool Anz (Jena) 157(11/12): 251-260.  
latest authority: Ax P 1963 index card avail.
Relationships and phylogeny of the Turbellaria. In: The Lower Metazoa. (ed. EC Dougherty):191-224. Univ California Press, Berkeley, California.  
other taxonomic work: Faubel A 1974 index card avail.
Macrostomida (Turbellaria) von einem Sandstrand der Nordseeinsel Sylt. Mikrofauna Meeresboden 45:1-32 [339-370] 356, fig. 7

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