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Macrostomidae Psammomacrostomum

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Primary authority:
Ax P1966index card avail.
Die Bedeutung der interstitiellen Sandfauna fuer allgemeine Probleme der Systematik, Oekologie und Biologie.Ver Inst Meeresforsch Bremerhaven Sond II:15-66
latest authority:Rieger RM2001  
Phylogenetic systematics of the Macrostomorpha. In: Littlewood T, Bray R, eds. Interrelationships of the Platyhelminthes.Taylor & Francis, London. pp 28-38
other taxonomic work:Wiberg RAW, Brand JN, Schärer L2021 abs.
Faster rates of molecular sequence evolution in reproduction-related genes and in species with hypodermic sperm morphologies.Molecular biology and evolution, Vol 38(12): 5685–5703

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