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Macrostomorpha Haplopharyngida

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Primary authority:
Karling TG1974  
On the anatomy and affinities of the turbellarian orders. In: Biology of the Turbellaria (eds. NW Riser & MP Morse):1-16.McGraw-Hill, New York.
other taxonomic work:Rieger RM2001  
Phylogenetic systematics of the Macrostomorpha. In: Littlewood T, Bray R, eds. Interrelationships of the Platyhelminthes.Taylor & Francis, London. pp 28-38
other taxonomic work:Noren M, Jondelius U2002  
The phylogenetic position of the Prolecithophora (Rhabditophora, 'Platyhelminthes').Zool Scripta 31:403-414
latest authority:Janssen T, Vizoso DB, Schulte G, Littlewood DTJ, Waeschenbach A, Schärer L2015 abs.
The first multi-gene phylogeny of the Macrostomorpha sheds light on the evolution of sexual and asexual reproduction in basal PlatyhelminthesMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 92 82-107
[doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.ympev.2015.06.004

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