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Prolecithophora Protomonotresidae

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Reisinger E 1924 index card avail.
Protomonotresis centrophora n. gen. n. sp., eine Susswasser-Alloeocoele aus Steiermark. Zool Anz 58:1-12  
other taxonomic work: Westblad E 1955 index card avail.
Marine "Alloeocoels" (Turbellaria) from North Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. I. Ark Zool 7: 491-526  
latest authority: Timoshkin OA 1997  abstract/note Taxonomic revision of the relict turbellarian group Prolecithophora Protomonotresidae from Lake Baikal (Plathelminthes): Description of Porfirievia n. gen., six new species of the genus and notes on the phylogeny of the Baicalarctiinae. In: Wada E... New Scope on Boreal Ecosystems in East Siberia,151-179  

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