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Cylindrostomidae Enterostomum

authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Primary authority:
Claparede E1861index card avail.
A récherches anatomiques sur les Annelídes, Turbellaríes, Opalines et Gregarines observes dans les Hebrides.Mem Soc Phys d'Hist Nat Geneve. 16(4): 56-80, 124-148, 151-152, Tab V-VII.
other taxonomic work:Jensen OS1878index card avail.
Turbellaria ad litora Norvegiae occidentalia. Turbellarier ved Norges Vestkyst. [In Norwegian]J W Eided Bogtrykkeri, Bergen, 97 pp64
latest authority:Westblad E1955index card avail.
Marine "Alloeocoels" (Turbellaria) from North Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. I.Ark Zool 7: 491-526

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