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Eukalyptorhynchia Polycystidae

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Meixner J 1924 index card avail.
Studien zu einer Monographie der Kalyptorhynchier und zum System der Turbellaria Rhabdocoela. Zool Anz 60:89-105;113-125 [p 1-29?]  

literature of valid taxon (Eukalyptorhynchia Polycystididae) :
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Graff Lvon 1905 index card avail.
Marine Turbellarien Orotavas und der K├╝sten Europas. Teil II. Rhabdocoela. Z wiss Zool 83: 68-154, tab 2-6.  
  Evdonin LA 1977 index card avail.
Monograph of the Turbellaria Kalyptorhynchia in the fauna of the USSR and adjacent areas. [In Russian]. Fauna USSR. Turbellaria, Vol 1, Pt 1. Fauna USSR (NS) 115:1-400  
  Artois TJ, Schockaert ER 2005  abstract/note Primary homology assessment of structures in the female atrial system among species of the Polycystididae (Rhabditophora, Eukalyptorhynchia). Invert Biol 124:109-118  

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