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Provorticinae Annulovortex

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Primary authority: Beklemischev VN 1953  abstract/note Ciliated worms (Turbellaria) of the Caspian Sea. I. Rhabdocoela (with some remarks on Rhabdocoea of Aral). [In Russian] Byull Moskovsk obs isp prirody 58:35-45 39-41, figs. 12-13
other taxonomic work: Beklemischev VN 1963 index card avail.
On the relationship of the Turbellaria to other groups of the animal kingdom. In Dougherty EC (ed.) The Lower Metazoa. University California Press, Berkeley pp 234-244.  
latest authority: Ehlers U 1979  abstract/note Drepanilla limophila gen.n., sp.n. (Turbellaria, Dalyellioida) aus dem H2S-Horizont des marinen Sandlueckensystems. Zoologica Scripta 8:19-24.  

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