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Actinodactylellinae Actinodactylella

authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Primary authority:
Haswell WA1893index card avail.
On an apparently new type of the Platyhelminthes (Trematoda)Mackay Memorial Volume of Linnean Soc. of N.S. Wales. publ. as separate book Sydney, pages 153-158.19665
latest authority:Baer JG1961index card avail.
Classes de Temnocephales. In: P.-P. Grasse (ed.) Traite de Zoologie, Vol 3, p. 213-231.Masson et Cie, Paris.09249

[Other] literature of synonyms:
authordateabstr.titlejournal / publicationpages
Haswell WA1893index card avail.
A new genus of the Temnocephala.Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W 2nd series, vol 7: 340-343 [in "jottings from the Biological Laboratory of Sydney University]19664

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