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Dugesiidae Schmidtea Ball, 1974

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Primary authority:
Ball IR1974index card avail.
A contribution to the phylogeny and biogeography of freshwater triclads (Platyhelminthes: Turbellaria). In: Riser NW, Morse MP (eds) Biology of the Turbellaria.McGraw-Hill, New York, pp 339-40137788885621
Iyer H, Issigonis M, Sharma PP, Extavour CG, Newmark PA2016 abs.
A premeiotic function for boule in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Volume:113 Issue:25 Pages. e3509-E3518022669
Barberan S, Martin-Duran JM, Cebria F2016 abs.
Evolution of the EGFR pathway in Metazoa and its diversification in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea.Scientific Reports Vol 6: 28071022694
latest authority:Leria L, Sluys R, Riutort M2018 abs.
Diversification and biogeographic history of the Western Palearctic freshwater flatworm genus Schmidtea (Tricladida: Dugesiidae), with a redescription of Schmidtea novaJournal of Zoological Systematics, Vol 56 (3): 335-351900022806

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