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Phagocata papillifera

  author date   title journal / publication pages
Primary authority: Ijima I, Kaburaki T 1916 index card avail.
Preliminary descriptions of some Japanese Triclada. Annot Zool Japon Tokyo 9: 153-171  
  Kaburaki T 1922 index card avail.
On some Japanese freshwater triclads; with a note on the parallelism in their distribution in Europe and Japan. Journ Coll Sc Imp Tokyo 44 :1-71  
  Kawakatsu M, Horikoshi I 1966    On the re-discovery of Phagocata papillifera (Ijima and Kaburaki). The Heredity, 20 (10): 13-16. [In Japanese]  
  Horikoshi I 1967      Collect. & Breed. (Tokyo), 29: 206-208  
  Kawakatsu M 1969    An illustrated list of Japanese freshwater planarians in color. Bull. Fuji Women's Coll. 7(11): 45-91, plates 7-8 62
latest authority: Kawakatsu M, Sugino H, Oki I, Tamura S, ... 1984    Redescription of Phagocata papillifera (Ijima et Kaburaki, 1916), a subterranean planarian from central Japan, with a comparative description of karyotypes of this species and another Japanese ... Bull Fuji Women's Coll 22 II:79-104.  

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