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Polycelis schmidti

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other taxonomic work:Zabussoff H1916  
Hjabuschinskya schmidti n.g.n. sp., espece et genre nouveau des Tricladida paludicola du Kamtchatka.Revue zool. russe, 1916 p. 273-286, 5 f.
Primary authority:
Zabusov IP1916index card avail.
Rjabuschinskya schmidti n.g. n. spl, novyivid i rod Tricladida Paludicola iz' Kamchatki. [In Russian, French summary]Russ Zool Zh Saratov 1: 273-286
other taxonomic work:Kawakatsu M1964index card avail.
Studies on the taxonomy and morphology of the Japanese freshwater Planarian, Polycelis schmidti (Zabusov).Annotationis Zool. Japan 37: 174-184
other taxonomic work:Kawakatsu M, Yamada T1966  
Additional studies on the morphology of Polycelis schmidti (Zabusov) with remarks on distribution.Bull. Biogeogr. Soc. Japan 24(1): 1-8
Kawakatsu M1969  
An illustrated list of Japanese freshwater planarians in color.Bull. Fuji Women's Coll. 7(11): 45-91, plates 7-870
Teshirogi W, Hasebe K, Ishida S1979  
Karyological studies of the freshwater planarian, genus Polycelis.Zoological Magazine (Tokyo), 88 (4): 664
Ishida S, Kitayama N, Teshirogi W1979  
Comparisons with protein and LDH isosyme-pattern, and sperm in the freshwater planarian, genus Polycelis.Zoological Magazine (Tokyo), 88 (4): 665

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