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Polycelis tibetica (1)

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Primary authority:
Sabussow H1911index card avail.
Untersuchungen ├╝ber die Morphologie und Systematik der Planarien aus dem Baikalsee. I. Die Gattung Sorocelis Grube. Arb (Trudi) d. ges. d. Naturf. an der Univers. Kasan.Kazani Trd. Obsc. jest.. 1911; Vol 43, iss. 4, Kasan. 422 pp
latest authority:Kawakatsu M, Mitchell RW1998  
Redescription of a North American freshwater planarian, Seidlia remota (Smith, 1988), with taxonomic notes on Seidlia and Polycelis species from the Far East and Central Asia.Bull Fuji Womens College 36, Ser II: 95-110

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