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Speophila buchanani

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other taxonomic work:Beauchamp Pde1931index card avail.
Biospeologica 56. Campagne speologious de C.Bolivar et R Jeannel dans l'Amerique de Nord (1928). Turbellaries triclades.Arch Zool exp 71:317-331321 [in part]
other taxonomic work:Hyman LH1936  
Some Cave Planarians of the United States.Anatomical Record 67, supplement 1: 129129
Primary authority:
Hyman LH1937index card avail.
Studies on the morphology, Taxonomy, and distribution of North Amercan Triclad Turbellaria. VIII. Some cave Planarians of the United States.Transact Amer Microsc Soc 56:457-477468
other taxonomic work:Mitchell RW1968  
New Species of Sphalloplana (Turbellaria: Paludicola) from the Caves of Texas and a Reexamination of the Genus Speophila and the Family Kenkiidae.Annales de Spéléologie, 23: 597-620615
other taxonomic work:Carpenter JH1971index card avail.
Systematics and Ecology of Cave Planarians of the United States.Dissertation Abstracts International, (B) 32: 1283-1284. [published abstract of Carpenter 1970]1283
other taxonomic work:Kenk R1972index card avail.
Freshwater planarians (Turbellaria) of North America. Biota of Fresh-water Ecosystems, Identification Manual,1: 1-81 ; Washington, Environmental Protection Agency. [Also second printing, 1976, Cincinnati, Ohio]51
latest authority:Kenk R1977index card avail.
Freshwater triclads (Turbellaria) of North America, IX. The genus Sphalloplana.Smithson Contrib Zool, 246: 1-3817

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