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Polycystis bilobata Nasonov, 1935

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Primary authority:
Nasonov N1935  
Über den Heliotropismus der Turbellaria rhabdocoelida des Baikalsees. (Works of the Laboratory of Experimental Zoology and Morphology of Animals of the Academy of Sciences)Trav Lab Zool Exp Morph Anim, Leningrad. 4:195-204017321
latest authority:Karling TG1956index card avail.
Morphologisch-histologische Untersuchungen an den männlichen Atrialorganen der Kalyptorhynchia (Turbellaria).Ark Zool (2) 9:187-279.662535

Opisthocystis bilobatus

[Other] literature of valid taxon Opisthocystis bilobatus (Nasonov, 1935)

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Evdonin LA1977index card avail.
Monograph of the Turbellaria Kalyptorhynchia in the fauna of the USSR and adjacent areas. [In Russian]. Fauna USSR. Turbellaria, Vol 1, Pt 1.Fauna USSR (NS) 115:1-40008260
Timoshkin OA, Zaytseva EP, Gutsol MV, Tereza EP2010   New and poorly known species of the genus Opisthocystis Sekera, 1911 (Plathelminthes, Turbellaria, Kalyptorhynchia: Polycystididae) from Lake Baikal with preliminary description of their karyotypes and bottom temperature measured by onset loggers in the In: Index of Animal Species Inhabiting Lake Baikal and its Catchment Area Vol 2 Bk 2, pp 1105-1164900021933

[Other] literature of synonyms (Polycystis bilobata )
None (i.e., none other than those listed above).

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