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Cavernicola Dimarcusidae

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Primary authority: Mitchell RW, Kawakatsu M 1972 index card avail.
A new family, genus, and species of cave-adapted Planarian from Mexico (Turbellaria, Tricladida, Maricola). Occasional Papers Mus Texas Tech Univ, 8: 1-16 1

literature of synonyms:
  author date   title journal / publication pages
  Benazzi M, Giannini E 1973    A remarkable cave planarian: Opisthobursa mexicana Benazzi, 1972. In: Subterranean fauna of Mexico. Part II. Further results of the Italian zoological missions to Mexico. Probl Att Sci Cult, Accad Naz Lincei 171:47-54+4pl 53

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