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Procerodinae Synhaga Czerniavsky, 1881

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Primary authority:
Czerniavsky V1881index card avail.
Materialia ad Zoographiam ponticam compartum. Fasc. III. Vermes.Bull Soc Nat Moscow 55, No. 4: 213-36317591

Procerodidae Procerodes

[Other] literature of valid taxon Procerodidae Procerodes Girard, 1850

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Girard CF1850index card avail.
Descriptions of several new species of marine planariae from the coast of Massachusetts.Proc Boston Soc nat Hist 1848-1851. 3: 251-256.17589
Allee WC1929 abs. Studies in animal aggregrations: mass protection from hypotonic sea-water for Procerodes, a marine turbellarian, with total electrolytes controlled.Journ. Exp. Biol. 54: 349-38119129
Sluys R1986   Taxonomic studies on marine triclads (Turbellaria, Tricladida, Maricola).Hydrobiologia 132: 257-26236217432

[Other] literature of synonyms (Procerodinae Gunda Procerodinae Haga Procerodinae Synhaga Dimarcusidae Debeauchampia )
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Schmidt O1861index card avail.
Untersuchungen ueber Turbellarien von Corfu und Cephalonia, nebst Nachträgen zu früheren Arbeiten.Z wiss. Zool. 11: 1-32, 4 plates17-18010781
Vogt C1891 abs. Sur le parasitisme transitoire d'une Turbellariée triclade (Gunda sp).Assoc. franç. p. l'advanc. Sc. 20 session. Marseille 1891. Compt. rend. 1 partie. pages 239-240.18691
Bergendal D1896index card avail.
Studier Oefver Turbellarier. II. Om byggnaden af Uteriporus Bgdl. Jaemte andra bidrag till trikladernas anatomi. [On the structure of Uteriporus with other contributions on the anatomy of triclads.]Saertr Kongl Fysiogr Saellsk I. Lund Handl 7:1-12639768245
Benazzi M1981index card avail.
Debeauchampia anatolica n. gen. n. sp., a retrobursal fresh-water planarian from Turkey.Boll Zool 48:107-11110741538934

Literature setting new combination:

Sluys R, Kawakatsu M1995  
Taxon names of the Tricladida Maricola (Platyhelminthes): additions and emendations.Bull Zool Mus Univ Amsterdam 14: 153-160543015198

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