Turbellarian taxonomic database

Ascopariidae Flagellophora

Definition: Faubel A, Dorjes J 1978 (citation)

Type: Flagellophora apelti Faubel and Dorjes 1978

History and synonyms:
	Sterrer W 1966 (citation)- unnamed species  [may be Flagellophora?] from Adriatic.
		Bush L notes that Species II looks like Flagellophora.  
	Faubel A, Dorjes J 1978 (citation)- description of new Genus with illustration of 
	one species, Flagellophora apelti- definition p 9. From North Sea off Scotland
	and northwest of Island of Helgoland.
Geographic distribution:
	North Sea off Scotland and Helgoland, Adriatic, coarse sand and shell gravel.
	Smith JPS 1981 (citation)- mention epithelial digestive area p 264.
	Faubel A 1983 (citation)- a ciliated male tract in p 27.
	Smith JPS, Tyler S 1984 (citation)- on frontal organ and 'broom organ' abstract.