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Leptoplana vesiculata Notes

Hyman L (citation)- p 313, "I have had no new material of this species and hence have nothing to add to the
original description.  For some time I entertained the suspicion that vesiculata might be identical with
chloranota, but reëxamination of the type sections kindly lent for this purpose by the United States National
Museum have proved the suspicions unfounded.  L. vesiculata differs altogether from chloranota in the absence
of spermiducal bulbs, the presence of a genital pit, the heavy muscularity of the female antrum, and the
larger Lang's vesicle.  I feel, however, that there may be some doubt as to the identity of the parts of the
male apparatus in my figure [ fig. 51]".

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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