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Stylochoplana aulica Notes

Marcus E 1947 (citation) pg. 163:  'Stylochoplana aulica, n. sp. (Figs. 20-25) with a long stylet (Fig. 25) has
most characters of group A.  Of this group only St. taruica has a short stylet.  The latter species from the
Black Sea has a strongly muscular vagina (aulica with scarce muscles) and a Lang's vesicle (wanting in
aulica).  According to the algae in which they were caught, the specimens showed very different colours. 
species feeds upon Amphipods (and Copepods) that also have the same colour aas their habitat. 
Notwithstanding we cannot explain the adaption of the colour by the colour of the intestine, as the
from Sargassum are mottled with single chromatophores.'

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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