Turbellarian taxonomic database

Philactinoposthia stylifera

Westblad E 1946 (citation)- p 19 notes penis and seminal vesicle are not connected.  p 49 long cuticular
	stylet at posterior end ? characteristics.  Brief description and illustration, also p 25;
	p 26 description of ectodermal nervous system, lies at base of epithelial cells.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- rhabdite glands in p 15; p 22 superficial nerve plexus in; p 38 on penis in
	p 40; p 38 is a "false penis" a specialized reizorgan; p 46 on female organs in p 48; p 50 separate
	gonopores; p 51 epithelial nervous system marks this as primitive species.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- compares Mecynostoma eveline to this, lists this as a species with
	2 gonopores p 113, 117.
Marcus E 1949 (citation)- mentions p 11.
Ax P 1961 (citation)- notes outer nerve net in.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- p 200 notes epithelial nervous system in.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- moves from Convoluta to Pseudohaplogonaria p 99.
Beklemischev VN 1969 (citation)- Vol II,p 80 says most primitive nervous system.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History, move to Philactinoposthia,
	figure of penis and female parts.  Sweden.
Ehlers U, Doerjes J 1979 (citation)- p 30 notes this species placed here by Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)
	also in description and comparison p 52.  

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