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Symsagittifera nitidae Notes

Yamasu T 1991 (citation)-  "structure and function of ocelli and sagittocysts" in Acoels.  Electron microscopy
of structures.  Species used in study were: Praesagittifera naikaiensis, Praesagittifera gracilis,
Symsagittifera nitidae, Convoluta naviculae, Convoluta sp., Convoluta kikaiensis, Praesagittifera shikoki,
Amphiscolops langerhansi, Amphiscolops sp., Pseudaphanostoma sp.  

Kostenko AG, Mamkaev YuV 1990 (citation)- p 21, "Green convoluts possessing symbiotic algae and sagittocysts
isolated into a genus Simsagittifera [Symsagittifera] which is also characterized by a weakly pronounced
ciliated antrum, ciliated vagina, and a thin sclerotized nozzle of bursa; the seminal vesicle does not have
its own walls.  Seven species are referred to the genus, they are:  S. schultzei (O. Schmidt, 1852), S.
roscoffensis (Graff, 1891), S. japonica (Kato, 1951), S. macnaei (Du Bois Reymond Marcus, 1957), S.
psammophila (Beklemischev, 1957), S. bifoveolata (Mamkaev, 1971), S. nitidae (Yamasu, 1982).  A detailed
revision of S. psammophila is given.  The comparative description of its reproductive apparatus contains new
data on S. bifoveolata and S. schultzei."

Notes from synonyms

Notes for Convoluta nitidae

Yamasu T 1982 (citation)- description and illustration, p 35, 37 - figure 3.  details poor of
	reproductive organs.  Compared with Convoluta japonica.
Yamasu T, Okazaki A 1987 (citation)- in faunal list.	

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