Turbellarian taxonomic database

Diopisthoporus gymnopharyngeus

Smith JPS, Tyler S 1986 (citation)- Significance of frontal organs in Acoelomorpha.  Electron microscopy. 
Ultrastructure and phylogeny discussed. Illustrations and sections.  The following taxa were looked
        Hesiolicium inops
        Paratomella sp.
        Diopisthoporus 'gymnopharyngeus'
        Otocelis sp.
        Paedomecynostomum sp.
        Convoluta 'pulchra'
        Solenofilomorpha funilis
      Flagellophora cf apelti

Smith JPS, Tyler S 1985 (citation)- "Fine-structure and evolutionary implications of the frontal organ in
Turbellaria Acoela. 1. Diopisthoporus gymnopharyngeus".  New species.

Smith JPS, Tyler S 1985 (citation)- "The acoel turbellarians: kingpins of metazoan evolution or a specialized
offshoot?"  Look at ultrastructural characters (body wall, parenchyma, digestive tract).  "....it appears
that acoels are derived, and cannot logically be fitted into any of the current theories of interphyletic
relationships, either as models of primitiveness or as reduced coelomates.  Instead, the Nemertodermatida,
sister group to the Acoela, and the Catenulida appear more primitive, and consideration of these groups for
phylogenetic schemes is more likely to bear fruit."  Species of Acoela include:
     Diopisthoporus cf. longitubus
     Diopisthoporus sp. (= Diopisthoporus gymnopharyngeus Smith JPS, Tyler S 1985 (citation))
     Hesiolicium inops
     Convoluta convoluta
     Convoluta sp. nov.  (= Convoluta pulchra Smith JPS, Bush L 1991 (citation)) 
     Oxyposthia praedator
     Oligochoerus limnophilus
     Paedomecynostomum sp.
     Paramecynostomum diversicolor
     Anaperus biaculeatus
     Anaperus sp.
     Kuma sp.
     Philactinoposthia sp.
     Otocelis luteola