Turbellarian taxonomic database

Nemertoderma sp. Notes

 Sterrer W 1966 (citation)- brief announcement of species of Nemertoderma- gives history of genus and lists
  		three species with illustrations but no other names.
 Tyler S, Rieger RM 1977 (citation)- used species in studying ultrastructure of cilia- calls them sp. A,B, 
			C and D.
 		A- deep subtidal, North Carolina, USA 20-60 m (similar to n sp II of Adriatic)
 		B- shallow subtidal, North Carolina, USA- similar to N. psammicola, Riedl from Adriatic
 		C- subtidal- Red Sea	
		D- 800 meters, off North Carolina, USA coast.
 	Argues for Acoela and Nemertodermatida relationship- flagella with 9+2, also intestine like Acoela.	 		
 Faubel A 1977 (citation)- species in list p. 61

Ehlers U (citation)-"Frontal glandular and sensory structures in Nemertoderma (Nemertodermatida) and
Paratomella (Acoela): ultrastructure and phylogenetic implications for the monophyly of the
Euplathelminthes".  Nemertoderma sp. B, and Paratomella rubra used.

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