Turbellarian taxonomic database

Symsagittifera corsicae Notes

Hooge MD, Haye P, Tyler S, Litvaitis MK, Kornfield I  2002 (citation)- Phylogenetic relationships using 18S
rDNA, and morphological characters of sperm and body-wall musculature.

Gschwentner R, Baric S, Rieger R 2002 (citation)- New species and description of Symsagittifera corsicae; study
of formation and function of sagittosysts; body-wall musculature, morphological features and 18S rDNA
sequencing.  Discusses other species including: Symsagittifera sagittifera, Symsagittifera bifoveolata,
Praesagittifera shikoki, Convolutriloba longifissura, Symsagittifera poenicea.  

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