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Stomatricha hochbergi Notes

Hooge MD 2003 (citation) - This species was found in very large numbers along with another acoel species,
 In having a seminal bursa that opens posterior the male copulatory organ Stomatricha hochbergi meets the
diagnostic requirement for placement in the family Otocelididae.  Additionally, the arrangement of glands
muscles of the penis in S. hochbergi appear similar to that described for Otocelis luteola (Kozloff, 1965). 
However, the overall shape of S. hochbergi, particularly the slightly inrolled sides, and its possession of
zoochlorellae, are not features found in any other known species in the family Otocelididae and are more
characteristic of some species in the Convolutidae and Sagittiferidae; hence the erection of a new genus to
accommodate this species. By light microscopy the dorsal epidermis appears to be completely devoid of cilia;
however, electron microscopy reveals that cilia are present on the dorsal surface, but only in limited
of perhaps 2 or fewer cilia per cell (A. Petrov, personal communication). While the absence of dorsal cilia
common among some rhabditophorans, such as otoplanid proseriates, this is the first report of an acoel
an epidermis that is not completely ciliated. 

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