Turbellarian taxonomic database

Diopisthoporus lofolitis

Hooge MD & Smith JPS 2004 (citation).  'The genus Diopisthoporus contains four other known species, including the
filiform D. gymnopharyngeus, which was also present in our collections from Lockwoods Folly Inlet.  D.
lofolitis is similar in general appearance to D. psammophilus Dörjes, 1968, and D. longitubus Westblad, 1940,
in having a large, terminally opening, ciliated pharynx.  However, a male copulatory organ has not been found
in D. psammophilus, and although D. longitubus does have a terminally-opening male gonopore on its dorsal
side, it is without mucoid gland cells surrounding the male antrum.  Additionally,  the testis of D.
longitubus is positioned dorsally and the eggs ventrally—the reverse of what occurs in D. lofolitis.'