Turbellarian taxonomic database

Pseudohaplogonaria cerasina

Hooge MD & Smith JPS 2004 (citation).
'Among species in the family Haploposthiidae, members of the genus Pseudohaplogonaria are united in having a
seminal bursa with a sclerotized bursal nozzle, and a weakly developed or absent seminal vesicle.  P.
cerasina is most similar to P. minima (Ehlers & Dörjes, 1979), which also has paired testes, an unpaired
ovary, conspicuous rhabdoids, and a bursal nozzle.  P. minima, however, is more stout-bodied than P.
cerasina, has a smaller male copulatory organ, and a common gonopore that opens to the seminal bursa via a
short vagina.'