Turbellarian taxonomic database

Acoela Anaperidae

Beklemischev VN 1929 (citation)- p 232-235 structure of glandular spicules in.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 106-107 definition, discription, key to genera.
	"Acoels with terminal or subterminal lying of reproductive opening.  Seminal vesicle usually
	lacking, penis in these not invaginated.  Male antrum well developed, always with small, 
	cuticular, stimulating organs."  Type genus Anaperus Graff 1911
		5 genera, 10 species, discussion.
			1. Anaperus Graff 1911
			2. Achoerus Beklemischev 1915
			3. Paranaperus Westblad 1942
			4. Philachoerus Dorjes 1968
			5. Pseudanaperus Dorjes 1968
	Key p 107-8
		1. No color bearing rhabdites and surface pigment present.
			male accessory apparatus lacking------------------------------Paranaperus
		1. Coloring by rhabdites or surface pigment---------------------------------2
		2. Male accessory organs (also bursal nozzle) lacking-----------------------3
		2. Male accessory organs present--------------------------------------------4
		3. Coloring with rhabdites-------------------------------------------Achoerus
		3. Coloring by surface pigment----------------------------------Pseudanaperus
		4. No bursa seminalis, instead one to many nozzles with
			associated mass of sperm-----------------------------------------Anaperus
		4. Well developed bursa seminalis with a cuticularized nozzle----Philachoerus				

Beklemischev VN 1969 (citation)- Vol II, p 385 glandular spines in as part of copulatory system.
Karling TG 1974 (citation)- in list p 9.
Faubel A, Regier S 1983 (citation)- add new genus Praeanaperus discussion p 11.

Hooge MD, Haye P, Tyler S, Litvaitis MK, Kornfield I  2002 (citation)- Phylogenetic relationships using 18S rDNA,
and morphological characters of sperm and body-wall musculature.