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Haplodiscus sp. Notes

Unidentified species, with two species of dinoflagellate symbionts (Amphidinium and Symbiodinium sp.), alternating between a planktonic phase and a coral-infesting phase (on Porites). (citation)

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Notes for Waminoa litus

Winsor L 1990 (citation)- Key to "free-living" marine turbellaria of north Queensland, Australia.  Also, new
species and taxonomic revisons.  Key to free-living acoels for Australia.  Species and taxa include:
     Waminoa litus
     Waminoa sp.
     Convolutriloba Henelberg and Akesson 1988
     Convolutriloba hastifera
     Convolutriloba japonica (Kato 1951)
     Convolutriloba cf. retrogemma
     Amphiscolops australis
     Wulguru cuspidata 
     Heterochaerus sargassi (Hyman 1939)
     Heterochaerus australis Haswell 1905

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